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We’re a San Francisco-based startup funded by renowned investors including Y Combinator, Stanford StartX, SV Angel, Charles River Ventures, Steven Chen and Esther Dyson. The product we have in the market can be found at http://crowdbooster.com/— our clients consist of thousands of world-class brands, agencies, non-profits and celebrities. We are launching our second venture not ready for the public eye just yet, but if you’re interested after reading the descriptions below, give us a shout!

We're looking for...

PR Hacker (Full-Time)

Crowdbooster is looking for someone to join us full-time to work on a new project (not public on the website).
You must be:

How to apply...

Please email prhacker@crowdbooster.com with the following information:
  1. What you consider to be your relevant resume information (links to your online footprint, your Linkedin, your resume, etc.).
  2. Work samples like press releases, articles written, press pitches and interviews conducted.
  3. A few sentences about how you think the PR industry could be improved.
  4. Do you have work authorization in the US or do you require any type of visa?

Full-Stack Engineer (Full-Time)

How to apply...

Email us at jobs@crowdbooster.com with the following:
  1. The language you would be most comfortable doing a technical interview in.
  2. What you consider to be a strong and unique opinion about a technology, programming language, or framework that you've worked with.
  3. The project that you built that you are most proud of, why you are proud of it, and how you would improve it if you were to build it from scratch today.
  4. Links to your Github, LinkedIn, resume, and any other relevant information.
  5. Do you have work authorization in the US or do you require any type of visa?

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