Targeted Recommendations

Easy, instant visual feedback about your performance

Check the number of retweets, replies, impressions, likes, comments, and many more metrics, all customizable by date range, all in real-time so you can quickly adapt to your audience’s reaction. Drill down to see who retweeted you, how many shares were organic, etc. Use the visuals to tell a compelling story to your colleagues.
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Track the growth of your audience

See the benefits of long-term engagement or the effectiveness of a one-time social media campaign. Customize the date range to figure out what drives your community to grow. We will even alert you when we notice a spike.

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Drill-down on every message

See every Facebook post or tweet on a table with the associated metrics. Sort the table to see the message with the most viral reach, highest number of replies, etc. to highlight successful messages and use it to help teammates replicate your success.

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Know who loves you most, and reciprocate the love.

Who is your biggest fan? How about your most enthusiastic retweeter? Do you know who they are? Use Crowdbooster to find your biggest social advocates and show them how much you love them, too.

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Optimized publisher for scheduling tweets and posts

Schedule as many tweets and Facebook posts as you’d like, all at the most optimal time as calculated by Crowdbooster to maximize reach. Customize your content to look exactly the way you want.

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Intelligent alerts and recommendations

Save time and let Crowdbooster show you what to pay attention to in your analytics. Were there any spikes in the numbers? Like a smart assistant, Crowdbooster will surface insights and suggestions on the dashboard to help you understand how to improve.

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Download your data to .csv

Achieve maximum flexibility by exporting everything you see on the dashboard to a .csv file and manipulate them in your favorite spreadsheet program. Take only the numbers you care about to your report and use it to build different types of graphs to help you with deeper analysis.

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Manage multiple accounts and share access with your colleagues and clients

Easily manage access to the dashboard for your colleagues and clients across any number of social profiles. Control the permission levels of team members and even share the interactive dashboard directly with your clients. It’s a great way to collaborate and demonstrate results.

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